When Inspiration Hits

Are you prepared when the light bulb goes off and those bright ideas hit you like a ton of bricks? Whether it be the middle of the night, on an airplane or while taking in a morning walk, how do you record that moment of brilliance?

Most of my inspiration hits somewhere between sleep and wake or around bedtime while lying in bed, enjoying the silence after another wild day.  When it’s nice and quiet, like lightning. I often find myself singing original songs in my dreams and wake up thinking, “that was actually pretty good,” only to forget it completely a few minutes later.  I used to keep a notebook, flashlight and pen next to my bed to jot down ideas. Now I simply grab my phone and start entering thoughts into my notes section or record melodies into voice memos. They are typically rambling, off pitch, embarrassing recordings of my thoughts and ideas. But truth be told, they are the beginnings to some great music!

Other times my inspiration shows up:

  • Airplanes! Not sure if it’s the white noise on planes or simply the fact that I am forced to sit still for two hours, but I love what airplanes do for my soul.
  • Road Trips! There’s nothing like traveling the 10 Freeway West with nothing but desert and highway, to trigger some creativity!
  • The Shower: Not sure why, but I get great ideas in the shower! Perhaps it’s because for the most part, I can to shower in peace without my three lovely daughters interrupting me!

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” — Albert Einstein

Everyone has their own methods to their madness in how they keep track of ideas? Whatever yours may be, do take note of them, for brilliant ideas are fleeting! They will leave your mind as quickly as they made themselves known.

Brianna Ruelas is a Singer/Songwriter and Vocal Coach who loves to share her talent through collaborating, mentoring and inspiring others. Get to know Brianna better by subscribing to her music blog or feel free to shoot her a question through the contact page.